Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Steve Howe - Beginnings SHM Mini LP

A couple of posts ago I mentioned the Jon Anderson "Olias of Sunhillow" mini LP release. Of course that album was part of a series of solo albums which members of Yes recorded during the hiatus between "Relayer" and "Going for the One". The first to release their solo effort was Steve Howe. His "Beginnings" album is not too highly regarded, many citing Howe's thin and weedy vocals as the main downfall of the album. However for me I am particularly fond of it as I bought the album when it first came out at the end of October 1975 and was the first piece of Yes related music I had heard and no it didn't put me off!

The album was remastered by Joe Gastwirt back in the 90's as part of a general remastering of Yes's back catalogue. However this new SHM edition sounds really fresh and detailed. I also love the reproduction of the original sleeve design as I am particularly fond of the picture on the inside of the gatefold and the typo used for the lyrics and credits. Also it's one of my fav Roger Dean sleeves.



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