Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Spleen Arcana

I have never and never will be an advocate of downloded music. I know, it's my age. Physical product is my bag. But occasionally I will faff around with the pain in the neck of downloading something and shove it on a memory stick and have a listen. I was impressed with Spleen Arcana's first album " The Field Where She Died", released back in 2009. This is a one man operation, the vision of French musician Julien Gaullier.

Now we have his second album, but only as download to start with. A physical CD should see the light of day sometime in April, if enough people preorder. The music is excellent 70's inspired prog with a hard edge to the arrangements. He has upped his game a bit with this new release, more complex arrangements and a deeper mix of different keyboard and guitar sounds.

It's a testament to the sophistication of instrument, recording and internet software that one man can produce music of such a high caliber and to such a professional level. Please have a look at his excellent web site, order his music and give his blog a read to find a like minded soul.


"The Light Beyond The Shades" by Spleen Arcana: download and preorder



  1. Thank you so much for your interest Prog Dog!! ;) Julien

  2. You are welcome. I hope the new album gets a lot of attention.