Friday, 21 March 2014

Fabio Zuffanti - La Quarta Vittima

Zuffanti is one of the big personalities in Italian prog. With his various own projects like Hostsonaten and as a member of La Maschera Di Cera he is a busy man. But this new solo porject is something else indeed. It has all the hallmarks of the best in RPI but with a real edge, taking it to almost avant rock regions. Every track is brilliantly constructed with many twists and turns, but there is a natural progression in the arrangements. The star of the show however is guitarist Laura Marsano. I don't know anything about her and there isn't much on the internet, but she is a star in the making. Her solos on La Certezza Impossibile and the closing track are exceptional. Think Guthrie Govan's emotive solo on Steven Wilson's Drive Home to get an idea of how good she is. In fact there is a sort of Wilson vibe about the album, not similar in sound to Raven, but something in it's complex and grand construction. Actually the man does get a "grazie" in the booklet so maybe there is a musical link somehow. This is an exceptional album. It's what the best prog is about. Taking the best from the past but taking it into new imaginative arenas.

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