Wednesday, 25 November 2015

England - Garden Shed 2015 Golden Edition

The only album by England is for me one of the great prog albums of the 70's. So why is it so unknown? Simply because it was released in 1977. If it had been released say in '73 or '74, I think it would be hailed as a classic of the Golden Age of Prog. It has never been easy to get on CD. The band did release a limited edition version back in 2005, but since then only available on Japanese, Korean or bootleg editions.

This new version is from a German label so still won't be easy to find for the casual prog aficionado. But it's worth tracking down. This 2CD edition includes the original album on one disc with the other collecting together all the bonus tracks available plus some other related stuff. The original album has been remastered, though from Tony Arnold's 1997 remaster with added tweaks by Robert Webb. It sounds pretty good, a bit beefier than other versions but overall nicely done.

The booklet is quite outstanding as it is beautifully put together and includes all lyrics, credits, notes by Robert Webb for each of the bonus tracks and nice reproductions of the colour artwork which was planned to be included in the original vinyl edition but was left out.

So all in all for now, this is the ultimate version of this classic album. It should really have been re-released on a label like Esoteric to ensure it reached a wider audience. But definately worth the effort to find for all fans of this lost classic.

Ps. I got my copy from the following on-line store:

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