Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Andy Jackson - 73 Days at Sea


This is Andy's second album for Esoteric and follows on from a similar stylistic viewpoint which "Signal to Noise" hinted at. There is an obvious Pink Floyd feel here, not surprising giving his connection with that band and David Gilmour as engineer and producer. However, I think on this latest album he is making strides to develop his own particular, individual sound. The songs are all connected by a singular concept of water and that gives the overall album a cohesion, with Andy's lush production and loose, languid guitar playing evoking a singular, dreamy, hazy voyage throughout. I am reminded of Robert Wyatt's "Rock Bottom" which similarly evoked a dreamy, aquatic soundscape. The unhurried nature of the album enables the melodies to slowly evolve and a few listens are required for the songs to truly give up their riches. It's great to hear the unmistakeable sqawling sax of ex-VdGG David Jackson (no relation) on the epic Drownings, adding another sonic element to the proceedings.

This is an unusual, but impressive album. It sounds great as expected, not only on the CD but especially the hi-res stereo on the accompanying DVD which also has a surround mix which I am sure makes for an even more immersive, watery experience!


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