Sunday, 11 September 2016



I'm returning to this blog again. It's been months of neglect due to continual hospital visits and nurses administering intravenous antibiotics to the wife who has bone infection. But all that is not for this blog. I have posted some stuff on Instagram and renewed the listening tower as shown above, which included upgrading the vinyl playback unit to a quite nice audio-technics turntable. Accordingly vinyl has taken some prominence, but the number of upcoming CD based box sets is quite astonishing.

Usually around October is the key month for new releases, but this year has seen an unprecedented number of deluxe box sets. We have coming up new boxes by Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Steve Hillage, King Crimson (the annual box of course), Pink Floyd and Philip Glass. It's all quite mind blowing really. Especially the mammoth 22 disc Hillage set!! I cannot wait for that. Not just for all the unreleased stuff, but a huge 188 page book too. The proofs of that I have seen on facebook make this a must have box set. The Crimson box is based around the 80's era of the band. At last Steven Wilson's remix of Beat and Three of a Perfect Pair gets a release. Also, his remix of Tales from Topographic Oceans is due for release very soon. Oh, I nearly forgot the UK box set. Hopefully the whole sorry saga of that is soon coming to an end and we will at last get that. Back very soon.


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