Saturday, 24 May 2014

H R Giger RIP

Here are three of my favourite albums embellished with artwork by H R Giger who recently passed away. Of course his name was made famous by his work on Ridley Scott's "Alien", but for many it's his album artwork, especially for Emerson, Lake and Palmer's "Brain Salad Surgery" that brought his work to the general public. We were all used to the colourful fantasy worlds of Roger Dean, so to see something as dark and disturbing was a shock back then. He was an original and produced startling, unforgettable images. The other albums above are "Pictures" by Island and "Attahk" by Magma.



  1. The BSS cover was a real masterpiece in the canon of album artwork...

  2. Yes, it certainly is. Shame the new box set doesn't reproduce the die-cut fold-out sleeve as that is a crucial element of the overall design.