Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Spleen Arcana CD

This arrived a few days back. I originally talked about the second release from Julien Gaullier's Spleen Arcana project back in early February. At that point it was only available as a download. Now, the physical CD is at last released. A much better way to enjoy this excellent album. I got what he calls the "Nature" edition. Wrapped in a lovely tied bag with a leaf slipped into the packaging. You also get a handy fridge magnet and sticker with some postcards. All in all he really has gone the extra mile to produce something very distinctive. As for the music, it sounds better than I remember from the dowload. The beautiful artwork does enhance the listening experience as it should! The standout track is the 24 minute epic "Memento Mori" which is one of my favourite tracks of the year. He really has constructed a wonderful prog epic. This album is highly recommended indeed! Must be on CD though!



  1. Thank you so much Barrie, I'm really glad you enjoyed it ;)

  2. Great review, thanks Barrie! :)

  3. Julien, you are more than welcome. The album is very good indeed and I hope it gets the recognition it truly deserves. Can't wait till the next one!