Friday, 13 June 2014

Richard Pinhas


Well here are the latest releases by Richard Pinhas. Busy man! He is best known as guitarist with Heldon who mixed Fripp styled rock and synthesiser soundscapes. Even his solo material has followed the Fripp principal of frippertronic looping and soundscaping. But whereas Fripp takes his soundscaping into more languid, thoughtful and introverted areas, Pinhas is more aggressive, organic and uncompromising. But these two new releases see the man having lost none of his fire or power. Previous releases have seen him take a more experimental approach, in someways directed by his collaborators. Though the same can be said here, there is a more structured feel to the proceedings, which gives them a sound harking back to the Heldon days. That is no bad thing.

Today we have young musicians like Matt Stevens pushing the boundaries of rock electric guitar, but an elder statesman like Pinhas is still capable of showing us a trick or two.


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