Saturday, 24 January 2015

Edgar Froese 1944 - 2015


Yesterday the sudden death of Edgar Froese was announced. It was reported that he died on Tuesday in Vienna. Surprising in this day of instant communication that his passing wasn't known to the general public for around 3 days. Anyway, since then twitter, facebook etc has been awash with comments about the effect of his life's work. That shows the influence and affection there is for the founder of Tangerine Dream. Apart from Kraftwerk I don't think there is another name to have such a profound influence on modern music that Tangerine Dream and specifically Edgar Froese has. TD's early albums for Virgin Records are classic works and were surprisingly big sellers, always at the top of the album charts. For me Ricochet is my favourite and remains one of my most cherished recordings since I first heard it back when it was released in 1975. Froese was not only a pioneering synthesist but a wonderful guitarist as well. His fluid, melodic guitar lines added another dimension to the Tangerine Dream sound. Although we are saddened at his passing, we can take joy at his long lasting influence and the legacy of recordings. Thank you Edgar.


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