Friday, 23 January 2015

Zuffanti & Zband : Il Mondo Che Era Mio

After last years spectacular solo album, Fabio Zuffanti and his band follow that with this live album. Well, it's not really a live album. Logistics prevented him recording an actual live album, but he went into a studio with the band and recorded the material that was played live. It's a mixture of tracks from his solo album and other material from Zuffanti's various projects including Finisterre and Hostsonaten. It's really interesting hearing this current band play these earlier compositions, in some cases in versions which Zuffanti prefers to the originals. The band reminds me of Steven Wilson's current outfit and Zuffanti's solo album has a similar feel to Wilson's current work; modern, angular sounding prog, with a jazzy feel, although all done with a typical Italian flourish.

This is a very well recorded disc, probably better than an actual live recording would have sounded like. It just misses the ambience of an actual live setting. But it is a good record of the band as the guitarist has since departed.

Zuffanti is a large presence in Italian progressive rock and this recording acts as a very nice overview of the styles of music he has created over the years.

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