Sunday, 5 April 2015

The Amazing - Picture You


Back to business, sort of after all the arranging of my CD's and such into storage units. Still ongoing which makes me think I may have too many CD's! Just a thought! Anyway, here's something new. The third album by Swedish band The Amazing. The main point of interest for me in this band is guitarist Reine Fiske. He was originally the guitarist in legendary 90's prog band Landberk, appeared on the wonderful Morte Macabre project alongside Niklas Barker of Anekdoten, was a member of Paatos in their early days and has made extraordinary contributions to the last couple of Motorpsycho albums. He is a wonderful guitarist, with a very individual and distinctive style. This album though is quite 60's California psychedelia in style, with maybe a Red House Painters melancholic vibe. Though there are two guitarists, it's Fiskes subtle, incendiary fretwork that always shines. The band have a lovely lightness of touch and let the songs breath and develop naturally. I do miss Fiske working in a more prog rock setting and his work with Motorpsycho is more akin to what I like seeing him do, but The Amazing is another facet of his wonderful playing which really should be more appreciated.


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