Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Snarky Puppy - Sylva


Music never ceases to amaze or surprise me! When you think you have heard most things, something comes out of the blue to simply take your breath away. A few months ago I had never heard the name Snarky Puppy, nevermind heard any of the bands music or who was actually in the band. But a few comments on the progressivears forum prompted me to do a bit of digging around. I found out there was a new album coming out called Sylva so I took the plunge, as I have done on many an occasion. Music is about risks and jumping in head first, hoping that you will come up with a gem. And my goodness is this a gem. This band is absolutely fantastic. On this disc there are 12 core band musicians plus the orchestra. They mix classical, jazz, rock, big band and techno to make a joyous, heady brew. They seem to be lead by bassist Michael League who writes most of the material. The music and the soloing throughout is incredible! Take the 15 minute piece The Curtain. A wonderfully elegiac orchestral opening leads to a beautiful flugelhorn solo, a tense distorted bass solo, a moog solo, the like of which would make Keith Emerson blush and then on to a touchingly soulful piano solo. The whole album is like this. Flawless, joyous and beautifully played compositions which cross genres with ease and aplomb. I am now searching their back catalogue with relish. That's what truly great music does!


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