Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Brian Eno - My Squelchy Life

Here is my first piece of new vinyl for many a year (apart from what are included in deluxe box sets, but that doesn't count)!

Brian Eno's My Squelchy Life has been the holy grail of Eno devotees ever since he withdrew it because of Warners delaying tactics. He replaced it with Nerve Net. Some tracks did appear on the Vocal box set, but it eventually saw the light of day as part of the recent Nerve Net 2 CD reissue. Bad move! Nerve Net is a great album and deserved a 2 CD reissue. But the second disc should have been made up of b-sides and remixes making it a complete edition, not with My Squelchy Life tacked on as a poor relation. It annoyed me that there was no track credit information produced in the notes, basically nothing was added apart from track listing. It really should have been given a release on its own. So, for this special Record Store Day vinyl release we have the album, plus bonus track presented in a 2 disc gatefold edition. It's a beauty too. All the credit info is reproduced on the inner sleeves. The bonus track is a nice slice of typical Eno funk and I wonder why it was left off the CD edition? So for the present this vinyl edition is the best way to own My Squelchy Life. Maybe there will be a proper, separate CD edition somewhere down the line!


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