Monday, 29 June 2015

Chris Squire 1948 - 2015


I knew there was something up. I opened the flap to my ipad and saw a whole host of retweets listed. Most unusual for a Sunday afternoon. As soon as I opened the Twitter app and started scrolling through the tweets I saw the shocking news displayed in front of me. I couldn't believe it. Chris Squire was dead. We all knew he was very ill and was sitting out on the next Yes tour so that he could be treated for leukaemia. It was bad news, but we all knew that he would fight. But just a month after telling the world he was ill and now he is gone was still a huge blow to all us fans.

I grew up with the man and his music. Yes music has always been with me and that bass sound. That sound was such an integral part of Yes music and it changed from album to album. I will never forget that harmonic bass sound that he used throughout Tormato. I saw him in concert on the Going for the One and Drama tours. Unbelievably he only made one solo album, recorded during the hiatus between Relayer and Going for the One. But Fish Out of Water is a wonderful album. Great songs and playing, by the man himself and the likes of Bill Bruford, Mel Collins, Patrick Moraz and Jimmy Hastings. I listen to his music a lot. I was only listening to Parallels a few days ago. His music and playing is always part of my life.

It's not surprising that Twitter and Facebook went mad yesterday with outpourings of sadness and appreciation, from fans and musicians alike such was the stature of Chris Squire as a musician. He was hugely influential, not just in progressive rock circles, but throughout rock music. I read he died in the arms of his wife Scotland (Scotty). That is so sad, but glad that he was with his family. He was and always will be with his extended family of fans who will never forget him and the truly original, beautiful and joyous music he made. Here's to The Fish, Schindleria Praematurus!


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