Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Best Sounding Squire


Of course with the passing of Chris Squire I, like so many others have headed straight to his recordings to celebrate his life in his music. These are just some of what I have been listening to and some of the best sounding too.

Fragile of course has the Squire solo instrumental piece The Fish and Heart of the Sunrise, which opens with a key piece of Squire bass bravado. For me at present this Japaese SACD is the best way to hear it. It is a different mix, but it is clear and there is no distortion, which is present on other versions I have, especially on the piano section of South Side of the Sky. Steven Wilson has produced a new mix which should be released soon. I think it would have been out earlier this year, but the Progeny box probably delayed that.

Squire's only solo album Fish out of Water was released at the tail end of 1975, the period when all band members ensconced themselves in solo projects. Fish out of Water is a wonderful collection and allows Squire to expertly mix classical orchestral arrangements together with the rock band format. I still think the lengthy end piece, Still goes on a bit, but Lucky Seven is terrific with Bill Bruford exceptional on this. His drumming is sharp and economical. This version is the Japanese SHM edition. It was remastered a few years back which improved on the original Atlantic issue, but this SHM is even better than that. It is solid and presents everything with greater clarity and separation.

Drama was the first album without Jon Anderson and added The Buggles to add insult to injury! Actually, it's a pretty good album, allowing the band to make a more aggressive modern sounding record. Squire excels on Does it Really Happen? where he propels everything along at a cracking pace and offers a wonderful bass solo during the coda of the song. This version is the SACD taken from the High Vibration box. This is one of the best sounding discs from that set. With a full, clear sound with Alan Whites drums powerfully present throughout.

These albums are only the tip of a thoroughly exceptional iceberg. The Yes catalogue is one of the most impressive in rock. Squire has been part of all that through the good times and bad times. It's not over yet, but what has gone before has been something else!


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