Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Box Set Bonanza

It's getting to that time of year. As we approach October the number of box sets being offered up to the discerning collector is overwhelming this year. Here's my pick on what is coming up.

Coming soon is the mega expensive box set of Yes albums in SACD. It has been delayed from early September to the 18th, which I am not surprised at, considering the number of discs to manufacture and the fact that there are not many pressing plants left which produce SACD discs. I think there are only two. It will be interesting to see how CTTE in this compares to the upcoming Steven Wilson remixes. You can bet the packaging will be smart!

People will buy this mostly for the Vapor Trails remix/remaster. But it will be nice to have the other titles in mini LP type sleeves. The price listed at Amazon is really cheap too!

The biggy! All the live King Crimson anyone really needs! This is going to be great. The amount of work that David Singleton has put in to make all these live recordings sound top notch has to be commended. This is going to be one of the best box sets ever produced. I love King Crimson so I am biased!

Well done Universal in producing this fantastic looking retrospective for one of our greatest singer/songwriters. A fitting tribute to John Martyn's singular gifts. He was special.


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