Tuesday, 17 September 2013

KBB - Age of Pain

The Japanese do to progressive rock what they do to most things. They see a good idea and make it far better than the original. The musicianship of bands like Bi Kyo Ran, Kenso, Gerard and KBB is nothing short of breathtaking. Both Kenso and KBB share a love of fusion based prog. Purely instrumental, fast, complex and perfectly executed. The above is the latest by KBB. It appears to be only available from Japan on the Arcangelo label. Previous releases have been released on the French Musea label, so maybe they will issue this at some point.

This new studio album is as good as anything they have released before. Centred around Akihisa Tsuboy's strindent and searing violin playing, the material is extremely melodic and beautifully arranged. Special mention goes to the excellent bass playing of Dani, who can really turn the fuzz up when needed.

The CD sounds really good, with lots of detail and clarity. Very well recorded, mixed and mastered, all by Tsuboy himself. Nice glossy gatefold mini LP packaging too.

Its been a good week for Japanese based prog rock. With this and the Rovo/System7 collaboration, which is quite exceptional.


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