Friday, 4 October 2013

Big Big Train - English Electric: Full Power

The two volumes of the original English Electric sets were quite magnificent. BBT have slowly, but surely progressed from release to release. But I think it was the addition of David Longdon who really took the band to another level of songwriting sophistication. A superb vocalist, musician and songwriter he has given the BBT sound a distinctive emotional and confident edge. Musically, BBT are producing such beautiful, heartfelt, honest songs. The progressive sounds are so mixed into the musical brew now, that the band has developed their own sound now. Lyrically, its story telling in the traditions of Genesis and XTC and even linked to Martin Offords great last album The Old Road. Full of nostalgia for times and traditions long gone, but which we should never lose sight of.

This complete edition includes both albums plus four great new songs and a superb booklet full of excellent artwork, lyrics and notes. I do have to point out the wonderful mixing and mastering of Rob Aubrey. He is one of the best in the business and makes all the recordings he is involved in sound so natural and alive!


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