Thursday 3 October 2013

darkroom - gravity's dirty work


Here's something a bit different. Second album by duo darkroom. Released on Burning Shed's own label, this is a collaboration between textural guitarist Michael Bearpark and synthesist Andrew Ostler. For info, Bearpark also plays for no-man and Henry Fool. This, their second outing for the label is particularly fine. Lots of atmospheric guitar playing, layered on top of beats and ambient swells of synth. They cover a lot of ground over the lengthy 8 tracks. They know how to set a mood and play on it to get maximum effect. I am reminded of Michael Brooks work, especially the albums he recorded for 4AD. But just listen to the final track, A Pair A Part. The addition of trumpet and double bass gives an instant jazzy overtone here, making for a particularly arresting piece. This is an excellent album. A bit different, but well worth investigating. Great artwork by Carl Glover too!


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