Monday, 7 October 2013

Martin Aston - Facing The Other Way, The Story Of 4AD

This blog is about progressive rock music. But here is a book about post punk. Of all the independent labels that grew up out of the post punk era, none were as singular, forward looking or stylish as 4AD. The label was basically the vision of one man, Ivo Watts-Russell. He was like a friend you had at school who had the same taste in music as you. If he recommended something, you know you are going to like it. You knew if something was released on 4AD, you would like it. Plus, a release was always worth having for the artwork. Like Factory with Peter Saville, 4AD had their own image, thanks to the work of Vaughan Oliver. Ivo understood the love of vinyl was both in the music and the physical look of the thing.
This is a huge book, 650 pages. But it has the detail about the label and their artists I have been looking for. I have only started it, but it's fascinating and I am glad Ivo has given so much information for the book, seeing now he has become a bit of a recluse, living in isolation in New Mexico. He seems to spend his time collecting Japanese mini LP albums!
Great book for a great label, who were my soundtrack to the 80's.

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