Monday, 12 May 2014

ELP - Brain Salad Surgery Super Deluxe Box Set, just in!


The above just arrived this morning from those awfully nice people at Burning Shed. Of course it was:

Yep, the Brain Salad Surgery Super Deluxe Box set. This should be the ultimate version of this and boy have we had plenty of those in the past. It seems over the last few years, we have had this album reissued every, well year! So hopefully, this newly remixed version by Jakko Jakszyk will be the last word on this album. So, more on this soon.



  1. Yowsah! - it's a big box - look forward to your take on matters as this is one album which, for me, has never sounded as good as it ought to...

  2. Hi David, will post as soon as I work my way through the discs. First impressions (sorry), is that the mix is quite radical in certain areas. The vocals on Jerusalem are quite strange!

  3. Maybe that's good news...will await your thoughts