Monday, 31 August 2015

Bill's Been Busy!


Simply, Bill Nelson is one of my life long musical heroes. Ever since I head Be-Bop Deluxes Modern Music back in the day I have followed Bill's musical inventions ever since. I was even a fully paid up member of the Bill Nelson Fan Club, which produced the wonderful magazine Acquitted By Mirrors, where apart from Bill's projects I was introduced to the world of Jean Cocteau and Erik Satie amongst others.

I am glad to see that a lot of his work during the 80's and 90's is being re-released via the Esoteric label. They produced a truly wonderful 8 CD box set representing his recorded output through the decades a few years back, which ably demonstrates what an extraordinary body of work he has produced as band leader and solo artist. They also re-released the hard to find 6 CD box set, Noise Candy earlier this year. They have faithfully reproduced the original colourful design, apart from the booklet which is separate and sits inside a flap within the box. I have the original which suffered from the notorious manufacturing problems like disc trays coming unstuck and booklets falling apart. Luckily, I don't believe they have reproduced those.

Currently he is in a hyper productive mode, even though he has suffered from some health problems recently. This year already he has released 4 albums of new material. The quality is very high indeed. He programs each album thoughtfully to give a cohesive feel to each set. His working method is fast, but the amount of consideration, detail and inspiration in all he does is breathtaking. These releases are limited to 500 copies, so you need to get in fast.

I hope his health improves and I know even now he is busy beavering away in his studio producing even more music. I suppose for him that is the best therapy there is!




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