Thursday, 13 August 2015

October is the month!


October has become one of the most important months as regards release schedules. Already announced is the epic 14 disc Steve Hackett box set. Now just announced is the next King Crimson box set. This time it is based around the THRAK album and we have 16 discs in a box simply titles THRAK BOX. The impressive part of this set are the two Blu-ray Discs which are packed to the core with high resolution stereo and surround files of various mixes, permutations and live material all from that period of the band. It does look like Panegyric have again gone to town to produce one of the most spec heavy boxes around.

Panegyric have also just announced that the next Steve Wilson Yes remix job will be Fragile. A lot of us were hoping for Tales from Topographic Oceans, but it will be interesting to see what Mr Wilson does with this first Yes album to feature Rick Wakeman. There are some tasty extras here too, especially a piece called "All Fighters Past" which includes elements that would later appear on Siberian Khatru and Topographic Oceans.

That will do to be going on with!



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