Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Gong SHM Papersleeve Editions


Just received this Disk Union box set of papersleeve SHM CD's of Gong's albums for the Virgin label. All apart from Flying Teapot as that languishes in licensing hell! They all have been marketed as new masters, although the Japanese booklets don't appear to mention that as far as I can tell. I quickly compared the Virgin CD of Gazeuse to the SHM and there is a time difference of about 3 seconds, so that is a good first indicator that this is a different master. It is good at last to have a mini LP version of Gong live etc, which includes the complete double albums spread over two discs. The Virgin CD missed off a track so as to squeeze the album onto a single disc. The SHM has the die cut sleeve and all the inserts, as do all the discs which have mini facsimiles of booklets, inserts, posters etc. Now to give them all a listen!



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