Sunday, 7 July 2013

Going For The One SACD

Confusing times indeed! Not only are Audio Fidelity seemingly reissuing SACD versions of Yes's back catalogue, starting with "Close To The Edge" a few months back, but news has just come out that Steven Wilson, yes him again, has been remixing Close To The Edge, with new stereo and surround mixes to be released in October. So another version of CTTE! It will be interesting to compare the new version with Steve Hoffman's SACD remaster.

The Steven Wilson version is being released by Panegyric who release the King Crimson 40th anniversary packages and it's the same team doing it. The feeling is that there will be other titles in the series. In the meantime Audio Fidelity carry on and release "Going For The One". Again this is remastered by Steve Hoffman and again I conclude this to be the best sounding version yet. Whereas His remaster of CTTE highlighted the shortcomings of the master tapes, with GFTO there is a sense of clarity, finding new details in the mix previously hidden. The lack of bass was always a grumble about the production of the album, but that has been enhanced sufficiently without overwhelming everything else. A really good job on this. I wonder if Wilson will tackle this one in the future!

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