Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vangelis - Blade Runner SACD


Simply put, Blade Runner is one of the best soundtracks ever produced. Not only is it great music in its own right, but it emphatically is part of the movie. You can't imagine Ridley Scott's future vision of Los Angeles and replicants without Vangelis's beautiful music.

Vangelis is a wonderful synthesist and this is ably demonstrated on this soundtrack where he makes extensive use of the Yamaha CS80 keyboard. This instrument was a favourite of Eddie Jobson too, who used it on both UK albums. This SACD really does bring out all the nuances of Vangelis's recording which he made at his own Nemo Studios in London. This recording is a master class in reverb and all the layers of keyboards and percussion are really well defined. What I found remarkable is, when listening on headphones, how almost 3 dimensional the reproduction is. Kudos to Kevin Gray for producing such an involving, immersive remaster. Praise also to Audio Fidelity who seem committed to the SACD format again. The packaging on this release is not too bad. Nice touch in the red CD, mimicking the recent red vinyl release. Another winner from AF.


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