Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Yes - High Vibration SACD Box Set

Here are the details for the upcoming SACD box set of Yes albums that Warners Japan are releasing in September.

The price for the whole shebang is about 39,800 Yen, about £260. Though I have seen one UK supplier advertising it for a whopping £400!

What we have is all albums up to and including Big Generator, the live Yessongs but not Yesshows.

I think that the production of this box set shows how strong the SACD market is in Japan. They do love their formats and physical product. Hence why stores like Tower and Disk Union are bucking the world trend and doing great business there. They also seem to be oblivious with the overseas market. Not only are Audio Fidelity in the US releasing SACD editions of Yes albums, but Panegyric in the UK start their campaign of Steven Wilson mixed hi res surround and stereo Yes albums with Close to the Edge in October. All of a sudden the market is being saturated with hi res Yes. This box set will be attractive to the mad Yes fanatic, who will probably have the SHM papersleeve editions of a few years back. Those too were mastered by Isao Kikuchi. Those have generally not been held in high esteem in some quarters. For me they are generally the best Yes I have heard on CD yet. But that's just my personal choice. I will be interested to read the reviews of this when it is released. It's going to be an interesting few months.



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  2. You right, SACD's are demanded in Japan with all the art, box and especial editions. I love the albums artworks and details.
    In a world of MP3, computers, iPods this is a refresh and prize for Yes audiophiles fans.

  3. Thanks for the comment. Nice to know someone reads these posts! Although the AF editions of CTTE and GFTO do present an improvement in sound via the SACD mastering, it's not that big a jump in my opinion. Plus, I cannot get around AF's poor packaging. Roger Deans YEs covers demand good reproduction, which the Japanese SHM papersleeve editions did so well. Plus, the sound on those to my ears wasn't as bad as some report. It will be interesting to hear these new SACD editions and also Steven Wilson's new mixes. It should be noted that this will be the first time that the multitracks of CTTE will have been heard in a digital medium, all other copies taken from the masters or production tapes.

  4. Yes, although you heard these previous SACD's versions, you need to hear to test this box set release. I'ts just a surround mix or there's a whole new remastered from original master tapes?
    I have all the YES remastered extra tracks, for me, it sounds better than first release.
    For this Box, perhaps they just transfer the 2003 remasters.
    In addition,will be a "Close to the Edge" on Blu-ray Audio in the USA.

  5. My general opinion on the SACD box is very positive, although I think the shortcomings on the Fragile and CTTE tapes used for these remasters are highlighted. Interestingly, I should receive Wilsons CTTE remix on blu ray tomorrow, so will report on that soon.