Saturday, 13 July 2013

Vienna Circle - Silhouette Moon

Every so often an album comes out of nowhere and hits you for six. Vienna Circles second album is one such album. I knew nothing about them and can't even remember how I was led to their web site. But I was and ordered their CD and very pleased to have done so. The core band seem to be brothers Paul and Jack Davis. Musically, it is a bit neo prog, a bit symphonic, nicely melancholic, but it has that certain something that sets it apart and makes it special. Very strong songwriting and arrangements, embellished with flute and strings to give a wider, sweeping feel to the tracks. The highlights are the epics "Dreams Presage" and "Ballad of Night". The whole thing is beautifully recorded and mastering is by the legendary Denis Blackham. It's hard to believe that this seems to be a self financed project considering the quality of the recording, the beautiful digipak packaging and that there is also a bonus DVD included on the making of the album. Overall very special indeed.

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