Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bill Nelson - Getting The Holy Ghost Across

One of my favourite Bill Nelson albums. Though released in 1986 and certainly of the time, Bill's songwriting and musicianship shine through the 80's gloss. This was another unhappy relationship with a major label, here CBS but the results are startling. Along the lines of the lush, liquid sounds of "The Love That Whirls" and "Chimera" this was a more lighter effort, even commercial. You can still sense the influence of Yellow Magic Orchestra, who he had a close relationship with. The single "Wildest Dreams" should have been a hit.

CBS refused to release this on CD for some reason until 2006 when Bill secured a release on his own Sonoluxe label. However, he completely revamped the artwork, which though good wasn't as classy as the original LP design. Thankfully for this expanded release via Esoteric, the original design has been reinstated, beautifully realised by Phil Smee. All the tracks from the original album, the mini-LP, "Living For The Spangled Moment" and the "Wildest Dreams" single are included. A superb reissue for one of Bill's best.


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