Saturday, 16 November 2013

Instrumental Rock

Here are two prime examples of instrumental based rock; The Fierce and the Dead's "Spooky Action" and Zevious's "Passing Through The Wall". Although rock and especially progressive rock is littered with purely instrumental based music as part of lengthy vocal based epics or between song pieces, bands playing entirely instrumental music are actually few and far between. Lets not count the electronic bands like Tangerine Dream. That's a different kettle of fish! The bands I am thinking about are the likes of Dif Juz, Blind Idiot God, Philharmonie, Pell Mell and The Science Group for instance. All are worth checking out.

Both Zevious and TFATD share a common King Crimson streak which permeates their music. Zevious take a much more angular, avant rock approach whereas TFATD are more playful. In fact TFATD do remind me of Pell Mell, the 90's US band, but much more aggressive and with greater complex structuring. I even pick up on a Zeuhl like fercoity in the fuzzy bass playing. I do enjoy the Zevious album a lot, but it's "Spooky Action" that shines brighter. With the unfeasably tall Matt Stevens really impressing on guitar (check out his beguiling solo albums), taking in everything from Discipline era Fripp like arpeggios to Lee Ranaldo's post hardcore noise rock, it's all out-there exciting stuff. These guys could be one of the best instrumental rock bands ever!

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