Friday, 15 November 2013

The Who - Tommy 2013 Super Deluxe Edition

Here is another example of why the the physical medium is still reigning supreme over digital downloads. For anyone interested at all in music, collecting is a part of that. Actually owning something physical and tangible is so much part of the listening experience. The look, touch and smell of the physical product is what excites us as much as hearing what lies within. Seeing this large format version of The Who's Tommy takes me right back to my schooldays and experiencing the album in all its 12 inch vinyl glory. This new super deluxe version is at once a superbly written document on the making of the album and a complete archival library of the album, in hi res stereo, surround, the demos and live presentation. It does please me so much, that record companies are still willing to spend the time and effort in really producing these box sets to the standards as this. That there is still a market for them is heartening too. There are still people out there where music is an experience that means something more than just pressing a button on a computer to download digital files on an ipod which are then just played in the background.

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