Friday, 8 November 2013

XTC - Nonsuch Steven Wilson 2013 Mixes

That busy Wilson bloke is up to his old tricks again. This month sees not one, but three of his latest remixes released. There is this, the first of his XTC remixes, then there is "Close to the Edge", first in a series of Yes remixes and the latest Jethro Tull, "Benefit".

XTC were one of my favourite post punk bands. They quickly transcended their new wave roots with the excellent third album, "The Black Sea". My personal favourite album is "The Big Express" so I am looking forward to what Mr Wilson does with that. I never really got on with "Nonsuch" for some reason. Maybe I found their songwriting at this point a bit too precious and for want of a better word, nice! But on revisiting the album, via the hi res stereo blu ray portion of this set, this is an album of beautiful, sophisticated and witty songwriting. I don't think there are many songwriters in the league of Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding for clever and memorable wordplay. That Dave Gregory is now a member of Big Big Train is no mere coincidence. Both bands excell in presenting a thoroughly English form of songwriting, that somehow hankers back to days of traditionalism.

The presentation of this package is similar to the King Crimson reissues, double digipak with booklet held in the middle, all placed in a slipcase. The layout is a bit confusing as nowhere does it actually say what is on the CD. There is just a list of mixes. The assumption is the new 2013 mix is on the CD. The booklet has very good in depth interviews with all concerned. So, Wilson does it again. A great, detailed mix. I cannot comment on the surround stuff as I dont do surround. Next up is CTTE, which will be in tomorrow. That's the biggie!



  1. Continuing to enjoy your missives Barrie...

    Great stuff


  2. Cheers David. Glad you are reading and enjoying.