Sunday, 6 December 2015

Bruce Soord - Bruce Soord

I am partial to a bit of meloncholy and this album fits that to a tee! Bruce Soords first solo venture, away from his main band The Pineapple Thief sees him produce for me his best work in years. These songs are quite breathtaking in their delicacy, atmosphere and delivery. They show how much Bruce has advanced as a songwriter and master of production, which has seen him now inhabit the realm of Steven Wilson and Jakko Jakszyk, recently producing aurround mixes for the likes of Anathema and Opeth.

But this collection of ten songs are so achingly beautiful, with Soord adding the right balance of instrumentation, keeping it all minimal and spacious. He is on great vocal form too. I believe and feel every word being sung!

I don't think Soord will do a Wilson and put his main band on ice. This collection of songs don't fit the current band format and hence I can see why he needed to produce these under a solo moniker. However, I find the lack of band restrictions has enabled Soord to produce a much more involving, intimate and expressive experience, so I do hope he does more.