Monday, 21 December 2015

Favourite Tracks of 2015 Part 2


Here is my second mixdisc of this years favourite tracks. Of particular note are the Mystery, The Amazing and Necromonkey tracks. I have loved Canada's Mystery for many years. They are basically the brainchild of Michel St-pere and known to most as having Benoit David as vocalist for many years, who did a stint as Yes vocalist before Jon Davison took over. Now with a new vocalist, this years album is really good, especially the 20 minute piece The Willow Tree which is one of their best tracks and is what a prog epic is all about. It moves along between sections naturally, reaching a hugely satisfying conclusion. Sweden's The Amazing feature one of my favourite guitarists, Reine Fiske. The band have a sort of laid back, 60's California psychedelic vibe and on this, the title track from their latest album sounds sunny, sharp and breezy with beautiful harmonies and a wonderful instrumental end section which gives Fiske room to shine. Finally, Necromonkey is a project featuring Mattias Olsson, original drummer with Anglagard. This project delves into prog, but adding plenty of Olsson's eccentric ideas and his vast array of analogue keyboards. But this latest album rearranged some elements of existing tracks and took them into new, more electronic, Tangerine Dream type areas. It worked a treat!

  • The Tangent - Spark In The Ether
  • Spock's Beard - Tides Of Time
  • Mystery - The Willow Tree
  • Anekdoten - If It All Comes Down To You
  • Steven Wilson - 3 Years Older
  • Riverside - Lost (Why Should I Be Frightened Of A Hat?)
  • The Amazing - Picture You
  • Necromonkey - The Rage Within The Clouds
  • Gazpacho - The Master's Voice


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