Saturday, 12 December 2015

Gazpacho - Molok

Gazpacho is a band that has never quite clicked with me. Previous albums have impressed in their diversity and oblique lyrical concepts, but they have never quite taken hold of me. This album is still conceptually out there, but musically it's more immediate, succinct and to be honest easier to digest! They have produced a really tight, organic sound mixing acoustic instruments with minimal electric guitar and bass. There is an emotional depth here which grabs you straight away and throughout, so I was hooked and could really get into this quite easily. The arrangements and production are detailed and atmospheric.

They really have outgrown their Marillion roots and now are producing music very much their own. On this, for me their best yet, they have produced a wonderfully emotional set of songs. I think I may have to go back through their back catalogue to reappraise them.


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