Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Christmas 1975


As Christmas 2015 approaches I remembered back 40 years to Christmas 1975. My parents had just purchased their first record player, so my wish list for that Christmas was a bunch of records. Previously I listened to music via a mono cassette player. So, still being new to the world of music, I was just 15, these classic albums were top of my wish list.

Those in the photo are the actual albums I received that Christmas. It is so hard believe that they are 40 years old. A bit rough round the edges and scuffed a bit, like me, but they still play ok. These records do have great nostalgic and sentimental value, as they remind me of childhood Christmases and time with my folks, both now passed away. Days long gone!

Steve Hackett's solo album had just been released in October so was fresh, but I was doing catch up with Yes and Genesis, who I was just beginning to get to know. The Lamb was my first foray into Genesis. The following year Trick of the Tail was released and my first concert experience in July at the legendary Glasgow Apollo. As regards Yes, apart from these albums I think I also received Roger Dean's Views book that year too, as that was first published in 1975. I still have that too, though the pages are a bit loose now. No wonder with the number of times I spent perusing his wonderful artwork. This was the one book I could easily get lost in and returned to time and time again. So all in all it was a great Christmas and I suppose really the start of a musical journey that has gone on for 40 years.

To everyone who reads or just glances at this blog have a peaceful, Merry Christmas!